Nandini Thiyagarajan is an interdisciplinary researcher and educator working in the fields of Environmental Humanities, Decolonial Studies, and Animal Studies.

Nandini was recently a Faculty Fellow of Environmental and Animal Studies in NYU’s Environmental Studies Department. She designed and taught courses including “Race, Animals, and Nature,” “Literary Animals,” “The Postcolonial Animal,” and “Pets, Pests, or Family: On Companion Species.” At NYU and McMaster University, where Thiyagarajan completed her Ph.D., she organized a number of public events, from film screenings to multi-day workshops topics ranging from writing animals to multispecies resilience.

She has published in Modern Fiction Studies, the edited collection Creatural Fictions: Reading Human-Animal Relationships in Twentieth-and-Twenty-First-Century Literature, and English Studies in Canada. Her current book project reveals a relationship between migration, race, animals, and climate change.